Reforming the leasehold and commonhold systems in England and Wales

Closes 22 Feb 2022

Opened 11 Jan 2022


Consultation on reforming the leasehold and commonhold systems in England and Wales.

This consultation seeks views on reforms to the leasehold and commonhold systems following recommendations in the Law Commission’s leasehold and commonhold reports published in July 2020

The Consultation seeks views on:  

  • The non-residential limit for collective enfranchisement;   

  • The non-residential limit for right to manage claims;    

  • A non-residential limit for individual freehold acquisitions;   

  • The introduction of mandatory leasebacks as part of collective freehold acquisitions;  

  • Commonhold voting rights in shared ownership properties; and  

  • The provision of information during the sale of a commonhold property.  

Why your views matter

The Law Commission consulted in 2018 and 2019 on enfranchisement, the Right to Manage and commonhold. They published and presented their reports to Government in 2020. The UK Government announcement in January 2021, responded to a number of recommendations in these reports.  

We have now considered further Law Commission recommendations and agree in principle that these proposals would fulfil our stated aims. To support taking this work forward we are seeking views and further evidence on certain recommendations made by the Law Commission. 

Give us your views